Secure Ammunition Storage

Ammunition Container 2

CMCI designs and manufactures mobile ammunition containers (magazines) for  the secure storage of ammunition and other explosive materials. These enclosures comply with the requirements of  the ATF (U.S. DoJ) and U.S. DoD specifications. These containers are scalable and customizable to meet specific customer requirements.


  • ISO-668 Series 1 containers suitable for ground, rail and sea transport
  • Available in both 20’ and 40’ versions
  • Exterior skins made from ¼” steel
  • Interior lined with 2” thick hardwood per ATF 555.208
  • Side wall personnel door and end wall cargo doors
  • Doors provide up to 60 minute forced entry resistance
  • Meets or exceeds ATF and US Military specs
  • 60 Amp power distribution system with exterior NEMA compliant power panel
  • Interior Class 1, Division II compliant lighting fixtures
  • Class 1, Division II compliant split pack air conditioner
  • Various levels of bullet, fire, weather, and theft resistance
  • Operational within hours of delivery
  • Low maintenance epoxy exterior paint
  • Easy to move & can be relocated to new job sites
  • Available optional features include ramps, additional exterior lighting, and intrusion detection systems

    Ammunition Container 1

    20' Ammunition Container

     40 Foot Ammunition Magazine

    40' Ammunition Container

    Ammunition Shelter

    Ammunition Shelter