Tricon Office Module

Interior Tricon Office 

The Tricon Office module is a modified standard Tricon I equipped with a 110V, single phase electrical system, prewired for telephone and CAT5 cabling. This containerized office can serve the needs of one or two personnel in a deployable environment.  The Tricon Office is equipped with a commercial-grade environmental control unit (ECU) for heating and cooling, which is shipped inside the office module and easily installed on site.

Tricon Specifications

Exterior Dimensions:
8' Height, 8' Length, 6'-5.5" Width

Interior Dimensions:
7'-5.016" Height, 7'-6.5" Length, 6'-2.04" Width

345.6 cu. ft.

Maximum Gross: 14,900 lbs
Tare: 2,600 lbs
Payload: 12,300 lbs

Fork Pockets:
4'-0.453" high, 1'-2.016" wide, 2'-11.5" centers


  • All steel monocoque construction
  • Full-width access doors on one side of container
  • Over 5.5 tons (12,000 lbs) payload capacity
  • ISO tested and CSC approved by Lloyds for use in the 20' module configuration
  • Over 9.6 cubic meter (345.6 cu. ft.) of internal capacity
  • Insulated to user specifications

Interior Tricon Office 2

Tricon Office Interior


Environmental Control Unit


Tricon Office Exterior