BiCon has long been available in the commercial markets. Now when combined with new modular container designs like Quadcon II, the BiCon offers new options for dry cargo and integrated systems.

The CMCI BiCon is compatible with other 1C certified BiCons and CMCI Quadcon II’s, allowing custom configurations of BiCon and Quadcon II’s to be shipped coupled together as 20-foot equivalent units, offering the customer maximum flexibility for the shipment of equipment and supplies. BiCons are available in both single-end and double-end opening configurations.

Intended for use as a transport/storage unit, BiCon offers a range of options for on-site storage, mobile part and supply stores, and equipment and systems integration.

Features Include:

  • All CORTEN steel construction
  • One set of forklift pockets
  • 16 - 2000lb lashing points and horizontal E-track for cargo shoring.
  • Full-width access doors on the end of container
  • Developed for hard to load cargos and systems integration
  • ISO tested and CSC approved by Lloyds for use in the 20' module configuration
  • Over 530 cubic feet of internal capacity
  • Simply and quickly secured together using SeaLock connectors
  • Options for side opening, all side opening, and other custom configurations
  • Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC), 20 year limited warranty
  • 8’ x 8’ x 10’
  • 530 cu.ft.
  • 16-2000 lb. lashing rings
  • ISO tested
  • CSC certified
  • Payload 19050 lbs
  • Compatible with 2 Quadcon II to form 20’ TEU
Length2991 mm9'- 9 3/4"
Width2438 mm8'- 0"
Height2438 mm8'- 0"
Length2831 mm9'- 3 7/16"
Height2260 mm7'- 4 7/16"
Volume15 cu.mt530 cu.ft
Door opening width2340 mm7'- 8 1/8"
Door opening height2162 mm7'-1 1/8"
Maximum gross10160 kg22400 lb
Tare1520 kg3,350 lbs
Payload8640 kg19050 lbs
Fork pockets
Height115 mm4.53”
Width356 mm1'- 2.02"
Centers902 mm2'-11.5"
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