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Charleston Marine Containers, Inc. (CMCI), part of Gichner Systems Group and Kratos’ Modular Systems Division, provides integrated modular solutions to governments and major commercial enterprises operating in challenging environments around the world. CMCI specializes in the engineering, manufacturing, integration, modification, and installation of modular containers, hardened structures, and other custom enclosure systems.

Our tactical solutions can be found here: FTT Trailer with 1497 shelter


Critical Infrastructure

Modular Critical Infrastructure Solutions Overview

Two Story Command Center Installation 

Command Center Complex Installation

Featured Products

CMCI Expandable Tricon

CMCI's expandable containers provide additional operational capacity, while maintaining decreased footprints during intermodal transportation.   Read more »

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About Us

Charleston Marine Containers, Inc. (CMCI) has over 20 years of experience in providing specialized modular container systems to every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces and its allies, leading defense prime contractors, international governments, and major commercial enterprises worldwide. CMCI’s turn-key solutions protect personnel, electronics, and other critical assets during transportation and operation in some of the world’s most challenging environments.